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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Interesting shapes caught on Google Earth

Not many people have known what Google Earth really is. If they do, still many of them do not use it. For those who don't know, Google Earth is a software that lets you have satellite view of any place you want. You get 3D bird's eye view of anything on earth. You can locate your own house and see the roof top. You can see almost anything.

Amazingly and evidently-true is that there are incredible, strange and unbelievable shapes that you can find through Google Earth. Sometimes, shapes that are just seem impossible for human to make, like the crop circle for instance.

Here I found a few of interesting shapes found on Google Earth. Take a look:

A Lion shape on a green pasture
Location: Dunstable Rd in Buckinghamshire HP4, UK (51°50'53.12"N 0°33'14.63"W)

Horse shape (51°39'1.59"N 3°15'24.42"W)

'Jesus Loves You' somewhere in Idaho (43°38'46.09"N 115°59'35.81"W)

White horse outline (51° 6'5.79"N 1° 8'26.09"E)
Location: Cheriton Hill, Folkestone, UK

Palm-shaped islands in Dubai ( 25° 5'39.14"N 55° 1'31.63"E)

I give you the coordinates of the locations so you can open it on Google Earth.

It is up to you to believe if it's true or not. I know the palm-shaped islands in Dubai are real. But I cannot confirm the other pictures.

More strange objects/shape will be posted here so come back again next time.